Katie Maggio



My name is Katie Maggio 

I am a Transformational Life, Confidence and Business coach, host of The Level 10 Lifestyle Podcast (which I am so proud of!), life enthusiast, a mother, a wife- and most importantly, I live my truth.

I had my oldest daughter at 21 while trying to finish up college, and ending up walking away with 2 degrees . Quitting was never an option.  I’ve always believed, if you want it, you work for it- so I did. And I know that there are others, just like you, that want the same things in life

I began building my business from scratch- before and after work. I help people find their truth and to live the best life they can live.

We all go through hardships... I have been there too - divorce, bankruptcy, failed businesses, credit card debt, a loss of a loved one. But we can not allow our past to keep us down.


Before I went on my journey of self discovery I was that person who was quick to judge, always ready for a fight, lost in what I wanted to do with my life , but now I show up fully for life.

I’m a work in progress (we all are)...but the difference between me now, and me then… is that I am actually showing up and doing the work.

We can have, be and do anything we want in life- we just have to know how to get there.

I want you to be able to walk into a room with confidence, to be the happiest person you know. I want you to be magnetic, strong, live judgement free, have peace in your life, more abundance. I want you have the ability to manifest exactly what you need, and most of all, I want you to  LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

So I ask you this question: Who do you want you to be?

And- are you ready to become them?


This training is not for the weak- there will be challenges, struggles, uncomfortable accountability- but I will always be on the other side of it to support you.

You will transform your body, nutrition, mindset, and business to get you living a Level 10 Life...and while it isn’t easy, I promise you- it’s worth it.

I am your support system- your champion.

I will give you an infusion of complete confidence.

I will give you permission to play BIG!

Are you ready to Live a Level 10 Life? Are you all in?

Let’s go!


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winner of seacoast online’s 2019 #10towatch
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Fun Facts about me :

  1. I am a mom of two amazing daughters

  2. I played Softball my entire childhood into adulthood

  3. I walk on my tip toes

  4. I am the oldest of three kids - I have two younger brothers

  5. I am a morning and a night person

  6. I am ambidextrous

  7. I was the PTA President for three years and Member of the Year 2016-2017

  8. I have two degrees, one in History and the other in Business from the University of New Hampshire

  9. I love summer and all things to do with summer

  10. I love wine and champagne

  11. Brunch is my favorite meal

  12. My family has owned pet stores my whole life.

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