Interview with Jennifer Martinez - tips for fitness for a busy lifestyle-

I just want to apologize for the poor sound quality of my voice- but this interview was so juicy I couldn't not post it. :) Jennifer is a BUSY mom and she created her life style our fitness that is geared for the busy parent.

Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry through education, one on one performance based training as well as group fitness and nutrition guidance . Her professional accomplishments include an extensive study of kinesiology and functional movement oriented training. Jennifer is a certified trainer in sports medicine through NASM . She has several years of experience developing high school and middle school strength and conditioning programs training football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and track athletes. Jennifer’s passion and vision for each client is to make a lasting connections adding value which provides support to assist them in their achievements. By building a strong relationship through lifestyle coaching, functional training and fueling the body with proper nutrition each client learns to develop the areas of their life to help them accomplish their goals. She believes strongly that reconditioning a clients mindset creates better health, better performance and over all contentment. Her outgoing personality, passion and humor, have enabled Jennifer to build her business strictly on referrals.


Check her out on Instagram @jmarfit

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