Interview with Taylor Simpson - Host of the Taylored Adventure to Happiness - Inspiration - Motivation - Fitness - Entrepreneur

Taylor Simpson is a leading expert in the fields of Confidence Building, Self-Love, Transformational Work and Online Business Building Strategies. She is the Founder of The Confidence Academy and The Mind and Body Empowerment Tribe. As a Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer and Women's-Empowerment Junkie, she utilizes her platforms to spread her messages of "The importance of speaking your truth" and how to "Live intentionally so you can create the abundant life you deserve to live!" Taylor's YouTube and Podcast Channels are filled with raw and vulnerable real-life personal stories (Divorce, Anger-Management, etc to give a taste) in hopes that the women they reach won't feel so alone, if they're too facing a challenge. "We are all in this together!" Her ability to connect with women around the world and help them raise their vibrations so they can attract everything they want in life, has aided to the success of her businesses and getting her message out there.

IG http://@iamtaylorsimpson

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