Podcasting Checklist- Start your Podcast NOW - Inspiration - Motivation - Legacy

Podcast Checklist

  • Recording Equipment
    • Microphone - I use the Blue Yeti but there are lots of great options
    • USB Audio Interface/Mixer - Optional
    • Headphones- I use earbuds
  • Recording Software
  • Media Hosts - You do not upload your podcasts directly to Itunes. You have to have a media host. Once you upload your podcast to the media host , it will then feed your podcast directly to itunes.
  • Design Services for your Cover Art -It is very important to have an eye catching Podcast Cover Art.  The specs are 1400 x 1400
    • You can hire someone from Upwork or Fiverr or DIY - Canva/Typorama
  • Theme Music
    • You will need theme music to go with your intro/outro and voice over. Some Places to find music is Pond5 or Music Bakery.
  • Transcrpit Services
    • Transcription Puppy , Rev , Thumbtack
  • Podcast Editing Service
    • If audio editing scares you, there are great companies out there that will do it for you- Pro Podcast Solutions or hire someone from Upwork .

When should you start recording? - NOW!

Should you have a guest on each show? - That is completely up to you. When you are looking for guests remember polite persistence is key.

How should you engage your audience? - Start a Facebook group to start your tribe. Invite people to your Facebook group directly from your podcast.

The key is being CONSISTENT!

Voice over contact : Jessica Rainville jrainville@me.com


If you would like to start your Podcast and would like to schedule your 1 on 1 discovery call with me Katie Maggio:  http://bitly.com/level10application





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